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Sermon Notes

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Donkey Mission, Week 3


SPEAKER: Eric Barton

When is the last time you made an excuse for something??

1 Samuel 9:6–7 (NLT)
But the servant said, “I’ve just thought of something! There is a man of God who lives here in this town. He is held in high honor by all the people because everything he says comes true. Let’s go find him. Perhaps he can tell us which way to go.”
But we don’t have anything to offer him,” Saul replied. “Even our food is gone, and we don’t have a thing to give him.”


1. It’s a Big But!

2. Excuses have deeper roots

Pride. Fear. Scarcity Mindset

1 Samuel 9:5b (NIV)
Come, let’s go back, or my father will stop thinking about the donkeys and start worrying about us.”

1 Samuel 9:7 (NIV)
Saul said to his servant, “If we go, what can we give the man? The food in our sacks is gone. We have no gift to take to the man of God. What do we have?”

1 John 4:18 (NIV)
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

3. We overcome Excuses with Faith

1 Samuel 9:8 (NIV)
The servant answered him again. “Look,” he said, “I have a quarter of a shekel of silver. I will give it to the man of God so that he will tell us what way to take.